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When I started thinking about different ways to create a more organized household, I realized that there had to be a modern way to take care of things. I started carefully evaluating different elements of my life, and within a few months, I was able to find a great business that had all of the technology features I was looking for. I was really pleased with the software they offered, and after I invested in a few of the programs, things were a lot easier. I wanted to start focusing more seriously on technology, so I made this easy-to-read website. Check it out.



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Working With Technology

Working With A Managed IT Service To Secure Your Company's Network

by Roland Stanley

The security needs of your enterprise can be surprisingly complicated. However, failing to adequately protect your network and data can prove to be disastrous for your company. Managed IT security services may be one of the more effective solutions for small and medium businesses that lack the resources to develop a robust internal IT department.

Constant Monitoring For Security Breaches

Hacking is one of the largest threats for networks as hackers can cause massive damages if they are able to gain access. Sadly, there are many instances where a business's network may have been breached for weeks or months before it was discovered. During this time, the hackers could steal a variety of valuable information. Managed IT services will be able to constantly monitor the network for signs of a security breach, and if it is noticed they can take a closer look at the logs of the network to confirm the entry. This monitoring is done through specialized software that can detect anomalous network traffic, which could indicate a breach that has been camouflaged.

Rapid Implementation Of Security Fixes And Patches

Major news stories about security flaws and vulnerabilities have become increasingly common. When one of these problems is discovered, the manufacturer of the hardware or the software will rapidly issue updates to help stop these vulnerabilities. Sadly, business owners are unlikely to follow the field of computer security well enough to track these issues. A managed IT service will identify the various components and brands that are used in your network, and if a security update is issued, they will quickly dispatch someone to make the necessary upgrades to your system.

Set Appropriate Access Restrictions

Employees having unlimited access to the network can be a recipe for major problems. For example, it could be possible for an employee to steal sensitive data that they had no practical reason for needing. By setting the appropriate access restrictions for each employee, incidents of unauthorized file access can be drastically reduced.  

Implement Data Backup Policies

To avoid the damages that can come with data loss, all of your enterprise's data should be backed up on a regular basis. If your company has too much data to make it possible to back up all of it, it will be necessary to identify the most critically important files and documents. While it will be up to you to choose the documents to back up, a managed IT service will be able to perform the actual back up for you.