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Working With Technology

Three Unusual Areas You Should Put An Alarm System At Home

by Roland Stanley

Windows and doors are the most common places to add alarm systems in your home. Making it so that the windows and doors trigger the alarm if opened in an unauthorized manner will make it easy to keep out intruders and make it easy to know if someone is attempting to sneak out. Alongside the windows and doors, it is a good idea to set up your security system to protect other parts of your home. Here are three unusual areas where you should consider an alarm system. 

Your closet

The closet is where a lot of people have hidden wealth. If you are the type of person who invests in designer clothing and luxury purses, you may have thousands of dollars in goods sitting inside of your closet. If you have enough purses and wallets that you have to have insurance for them, you should add an alarm system to your closet. Set an alarm to the entrance of your closet with a simple code. This way you will get into the closet easily but a burglar would set off the alarm. 

The basement

Basement areas typically hold treasures that you don't think about. Basements are often used as game rooms or theater rooms, which means there could be equipment worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Some people use their basement as a storage area, which would mean that you could have over $100 worth of products in each box. Basements with windows are also the easiest place for burglars to slip into without knowledge. Rig the basement door and window with an alarm that goes off so that you know if someone slips into your bottom floor unnoticed. 

Your home office

Having an alarm in your office is twofold. Home offices hold electrical equipment and valuable documents for your business. If you have workers or customers coming into your home office, an alarm system can be especially important. Even if you only have your work materials, you may need to have a home office alarm in order to have appropriate business insurance. Locking your home office with an alarm system will also keep your family out. If you need privacy from your family while you work, setting an alarm from the outside so that they can't come in is a good option. Keeping all people out of a home office is best for your security and for your business insurance purposes. 

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