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Working With Technology

3 Ways To Modernize Your Wayfinding System

by Roland Stanley

Being able to locate products within your store is essential when it comes to making sales. Consumers often rely on wayfinding systems to help them orient themselves within a large department or outlet store.

These wayfinding systems have traditionally consisted of a graphic image of a map. Relying on the "you are here" approach to helping customers within your store may no longer be effective. Bringing your wayfinding system into the current century can help your customers navigate your store with ease.

1. Make your wayfinding system interactive.

Modern consumers are used to relying on technology for everyday tasks. Many people use technology to help them map out the best route to work, recommend television shows and movies, and stream their favorite entertainers.

If you want your wayfinding system to work more efficiently, make it interactive. A touchscreen kiosk that allows customers to personalize their request will set your store apart from others and ensure that customers can always find exactly what they are looking for.

2. Make your wayfinding system multilingual.

It's more important than ever before for retail providers to recognize the diversity of modern consumers. According to the American Community Survey, roughly one-fifth of the American population doesn't speak English in the home.

Having the ability to interact with your wayfinding system in their native language will help consumers feel comfortable and make it easier for them to navigate your store. Upgrade your interactive wayfinding system so that it can accommodate multiple languages.

3. Make sure your wayfinding system is placed properly.

Another key element that you should focus in on when trying to improve your wayfinding system is the location of each information kiosk.

These kiosks need to be in high-traffic locations where customers may become disoriented. Visible kiosks in multiple locations will allow your customers to always access maps and directions needed to navigate your store. It can be difficult for someone who doesn't know where they are going to locate a wayfinding kiosk if limited kiosks exist within your space.

Conduct a traffic study to determine how and where consumers move throughout your store. This information can be utilized to determine where your wayfinding system kiosks should be constructed to maximize the benefit they provide to your customers.

A modern wayfinding system will assist your customers in locating the items they are looking for. Making wayfinding more accessible will help you improve the customer experience and boost sales over time.