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Working With Technology

If Your Restaurant Doesn't Have Its Own Custom Mobile App, You're Missing Out On A Vital Marketing Opportunity

by Roland Stanley

Smartphones are nearly ubiquitous, and few restaurants are truly taking advantage of the fact that most of their diners own a smartphone. This gives your restaurant the chance to gain an edge on the local competition by developing a custom mobile app for your restaurant. It's an excellent business tool that gives you the ability to directly market to previous diners and people who are interested in your restaurant. When you hire a company to develop a custom mobile app for your restaurant, you'll gain these three major advantages.

Push Notifications for Deals and New Menu Items

The ability to send push notifications to smartphone users is the best part of having an app for your restaurant. A push notification shows up in a user's notifications on their smartphone – you may have seen them before if you have a news app installed, as news services frequently send breaking updates as push notifications.

This is an amazing marketing tool for restaurants, as you can send an update about a special you are running or new menu items you are featuring to everyone who uses your app. While users have to allow your app to send push notifications, many users will – especially if you tell users that you'll be sending out special deals only available through the push notification service. Every time you send out a notification, you market directly to people who are interested in your restaurant and are likely to dine there.

Online Ordering for a Revenue Boost

It's easy to implement online ordering in a mobile app for your restaurant, allowing users to order food for pick-up and pay using a credit or debit card. The key behind online ordering is that it provides revenue to your restaurant without placing any burden on your wait staff or your seating capacity. Many diners enjoy ordering online for lunch orders, since it makes swinging by your restaurant and picking up food easy and painless.

Reward Programs to Increase Repeat Business

Implementing a reward program for your restaurant is a good way to get repeat business from diners. Tiered reward programs are often the best choice – diners get a certain number of points based on how much they spend and each reward has an associated point cost. This is easily implemented using a mobile app by attaching a rewards account to a diner's phone number. Not only does a rewards program give diners a reason to repeatedly visit your restaurant, it also gives them an incentive to download and engage with your mobile app.

Having a mobile app brings a number of benefits to your restaurant such as push notifications and easy rewards program management that you can't get through any other avenue. In addition, hiring a software development company to build and maintain a custom mobile app for your restaurant is often less expensive than you think. If you're interested in bringing your restaurant into the digital age with a mobile app, contact a software tech solutions developer to discuss what features you want in your restaurant's mobile app.